• Meet The Team

    Our vision is to provide culturally competent and wellness focused services that promote social-emotional stability to minorities

    Muriel Casamayor (She/her/Ella) is the owner of Insight Family Counseling and Wellness Services INC. She graduated from California State University, Los Angles with a Bachelor's in Psychology. She received her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University. She is a Latinx psychotherapist licensed in the state of California (LMFT License #116554). She has worked in the mental health field professionally since 2010 and practicing psychotherapy since 2014.

    She was born and raised in Peru, and is a first-generation immigrant. She understands the struggles with immigrating to a new country and understanding a new culture. She is passionate about working with the Latinx community and other minorities. She is a big domestic violence advocate. She has worked with the Los Angeles Police Department helping victims of domestic violence, which included working with children and their families. She helps victims become survivors and thrive in life.

    "Adaptation isn't easy and sometimes is faced with traumatic experiences and little to no support."


    Roxanne Mata (She/Her) is an Associate Marriage Family Therapist (AMFT #129867) in the state of California. She is Native and Mexican American woman born in San Bernardino County and raised in South Texas. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master's Degree of Education Marriage Family Therapy from Cambridge College. She has worked as a Parent Advocate with Foster Care children and probation adolescents. She has worked in the mental health field profession since 2011 and practicing psychotherapy since 2021. She is strongly committed to support, empowerment, healing, with our underserved communities. She is certified in TF-CBT, Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention Mandated Reporting Child and Elder Abuse.

    "A woman armed with ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force." 

    Polly Harden (She/Her) is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT #129860) in the state of California. She was raised in California and has been working in the mental health and social work field for the past 9 years. She is now providing therapy since 2021. Polly is incredibly passionate about empowering individuals to become the best version of themselves, especially in culturally sensitive communities. Through her work, she strives to foster a safe space for individuals to tell their story, process their past, and create a new reality that is more fulfilling. She works with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, self-esteem, and trauma.

    "I feel honored to provide individuals with the environment needed for healing and growth." 

    Sunni Meador (They/them) is a Queer Associate Social Worker who is passionate about alternative forms of self and community care. They've been working in the mental health field for three years and in the non-profit health sector for eight. They are passionate about connecting people to community resources and deep diving into the rawest emotions. Their specialties communities are queer and transfolks, BIPOC and those who have been working with anxiety, and depression. They enjoy working with teens, young adults, those struggling with self empowerment, self-worth, and self love. Coaching sessions are offered too.

    Mayra Veronica Barragan-O'Brien (she/her/ella) is a first generation, undocumented Latina. She was born and raised until the age of 14 in Guadalajara, Mexico. She graduated from California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) with a Masters of Science in Clinical/Counseling Psychology, and is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT). She aims to be a culturally-sensitive therapist and takes a trauma-informed, person-centered approach. Her goal is to continue working closely with immigrant and underrepresented communities as a mental health professional and advocate.

    Audrey Mae Hernandez, MSW, ASW (she/her) is a proud queer-identifying individual, an immigrant from Guam, and a first-generation college graduate. She obtained her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, receiving the Outstanding Graduate Student Award in 2022. Currently, Audrey Mae is a Doctor of Social Work student working towards creating culturally-centric spaces and decolonizing mental health and higher education for AAPI & NHPI individuals. With her robust lived and professional experience in navigating complex systems such as higher education and community mental health, Audrey Mae is solely dedicated to serving a person in their environment first, through a trauma-informed lens. To provide a safe space for healing and addressing life's challenges.